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Step into the intriguing world of real estate syndication with Shane Thomas, co-founder and managing partner of Catalyst Equity Partners. This insightful journey uncovers how Shane transitioned from a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to a successful real estate syndication investor, using his finance acumen to manage a portfolio of nine properties and 1,900 units. Explore the significance of having a CPA on your team for accounting review and how a fractional Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can turbocharge your business growth. Also, discover the pivotal role networking plays in securing prime deals and the potential that lies in value-add heavy renovations.

Shane further delves into his experience as a Limited Partner (LP) and General Partner (GP), underlining the importance of asset management. Understand the unique business strategies they’ve implemented, their relationship with property managers, and their Key Performance Indicator (KPI) analysis approach. Shane and his business partner, Prashant, have streamlined systems for regular check-ins with their property manager, monthly reviews with the regional manager, monthly Profit & Loss (P&L) reviews, and quarterly distributions to investors. Learn how their effective communication skills and KPI tracking enable them to implement necessary changes quickly. Stay informed with their list of 15-20 key indicators that provide them with control over their assets. Don’t miss this insightful journey!

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with Shane Thomas directly. Visit his LinkedIn profile to network, gain further insights, and stay updated with his latest projects in real estate syndication. This is a great chance to learn from an industry expert and expand your professional network. You can find him on LinkedIn at Shane Thomas.

Also, be sure to check out Catalyst Equity Partners’ website for more detailed information about their portfolio, investment strategies, and value-add renovation projects. There’s a wealth of knowledge waiting for you there. Visit Catalyst Equity Partners today!

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About Shane Thomas:

Shane Thomas, the co-founder and managing partner of Catalyst Equity Partners, focuses on acquisitions, asset management, and investor relations. With over 10 years of experience working at PwC, a Big-4 consulting firm, he’s managed large teams and advised Fortune 500 companies on operational improvements, revenue increase, and cost reduction. His expertise extends to large-scale project management, analytics, and process improvement. Currently, Shane oversees nine properties, totaling more than 1900 units, with an asset under management (AUM) value of $300 million across Texas, Georgia, and Florida.

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