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WS1847 Creative Fundraising For Multifamily Syndications | Highlights Emily Cortright

In this highlight episode, Whitney Sewell interviews Emily Cortright, a successful real estate investor who has mastered the art of raising money. Throughout the discussion, Emily shares her inspiring journey and delves into how she developed her skill sets in the world of real estate.

Motivated by her father’s struggles during the 2009 stock market crash, Emily sought a different outcome, leading her to attend a real estate investing class that unveiled the potential of real estate as a wealth-building tool.

Central to Emily’s approach in raising money is her commitment to educating real estate agents on wealth building and passive investing. Through leveraging her real estate license and partnering with Keller Williams, Emily accesses a wide audience, establishing credibility in the industry. Her outreach extends to hosting meetups and seminars where she imparts knowledge and invites guest speakers to offer invaluable insights.

When engaging with potential investors, Emily stresses the importance of cultivating preexisting relationships. She dedicates 30-minute phone calls to understanding their investment goals and getting to know them better. By focusing on individual needs and offering personalized guidance, Emily forges strong connections with her investors.

To delve deeper into Emily’s strategies for raising money and building wealth in real estate, access the complete episodes via the links provided. Don’t miss out on the invaluable insights and tips from this accomplished real estate investor. Tune in now!

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About Emily Cortright:

Emily Cortright, a co-owner at AE Multifamily, has managed various departments at General Electric (GE) Aviation. In 2013, she and her husband focused on single-family properties in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Recognizing potential in multi-family real estate, they shifted to large syndications in 2017. Emily expanded into Mortgage Notes and Private Lending, inspiring others and teaching wealth-building classes at Keller Williams offices nationwide. Based in Fort Worth with her husband and their 2-year-old daughter, she enjoys travel, a healthy lifestyle, and live music.


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