Join us as we explore how to scale real estate ventures with industry expert, Lance Pederson. Learn from his journey of building and growing multiple businesses from scratch using lean startup principles. His insights into prioritizing, interpreting industry trends, and the importance of relationships will prove invaluable for anyone looking to scale real estate investments.

Lance also highlights the power of continuous learning and giving back in the quest to scale real estate. He shares his experiences of forging genuine relationships since his high school years and the key role of rapid learning in his success.

In addition, we dive into the specifics of Limited Partnership (LP) investing in industrial real estate, a promising avenue for those keen to scale their real estate portfolios. Lance provides a detailed perspective on the potential of industrial investments and offers practical tips on building industry relationships for scaling real estate ventures.

So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn about scaling real estate. Tune in to our discussion with Lance Pederson on how relationship-building, continuous learning, and strategic investing can pave the way for your success in the real estate journey.

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About Lance Pederson:

Lance Peterson is a General Partner (GP) with Resonance Capital Group, specializes in acquiring Class B industrial properties in the US Heartland. In addition to his role at Resonance, he is also the co-founder of Passive Advantage, a company that develops software tools for passive investors to analyze real estate syndications. Since 2008, Lance has been working in the real estate investment management business. He was previously a GP in a private equity real estate firm that transitioned from hard money lending into capital allocation, growing from $0 in Assets Under Management (AUM) to over $300M during his tenure. Furthermore, Lance founded and managed a real estate fund administration firm that expanded to manage over $3B in Assets Under Administration (AUA). Throughout his career, he has assisted over 200 real estate sponsors with the structure of their pool investment funds.

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