WS1788 What’s Changed in The Market Since 2021? | Steve Olson

Tune in for an enlightening conversation with Steve Olson, a renowned authority in  real estate syndication. He sheds light on the dramatic shifts within the property market landscape over the past two years. We delve into the obstacles created by labor shortages, global supply chain disruptions, and the complexities of navigating successful deals amidst escalating construction costs and skyrocketing interest rates. With 18 active deals on his slate, Steve openly discusses the uncertainties clouding these transactions due to these volatile elements.

Join our discourse as we consider how to brace for potential fluctuations in the market, such as wavering interest rates, in the upcoming six to twelve months. Steve imparts valuable advice on the necessity of maintaining a cash reserve, the benefits of fixed-rate debt, and the tactic of securing interest rate caps whenever feasible. We also explore the concept of market timing and Steve’s viewpoint on long-term real estate investment strategies. As an added treat, Steve reveals his passion project and how our listeners can engage with him. Don’t let this episode, brimming with invaluable insights and practical tips, pass you by!

Want to connect with Steve and learn more about his insights? Don’t delay, visit his website today! You’ll find a wealth of information and potentially have the chance to communicate directly with him. So why wait? Head over there now and start exploring!

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About Steve Olson:

With his extensive experience, he has significantly contributed to the Fourplex Investment Group’s development, construction, and sale of over 4,000 doors across the Mountain West and Texas. He played a pivotal role in expanding the company into new markets and is currently spearheading a for-rent townhouse project in Indiana, taking advantage of a local property tax credit program. As a General Partner, he manages ground-up rental projects in three different states catering to international investors seeking to invest capital into the USA. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University and a Masters in Real Estate from Georgetown University. Residing in Alpine, UT with his wife and four children, he harbors a keen passion for travel.

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