WS1796 Multifamily Investing Trends Technology, & Risk Mitigation | Cameron Pimm

Join us on a journey as we explore the real estate market cycle with our guest, Cameron Pimm. This episode reveals potential opportunities in the current market cycle and emphasizes the importance of continuous education in real estate.

Cameron shares his strategy for finding discounted deals in prime locations – a tactic that leads to smart investments and ensures lasting value. He also offers insights on the present slowdown in deal activities and prospects for the coming year. We spotlight key risk mitigation strategies for passive investors, highlighting what to consider when investing.

Next, we focus on evaluating market opportunities and potential risks. Cameron stresses the need to monitor expenses and maintain occupancy to reduce risk. He also reflects on recent trends, discussing the transformation of debt options and the importance of caution with new projects.

We then delve into improving business operations and investor relations. Cameron explains the role of technology and the impact of setting and surpassing realistic expectations, which can lead to valuable investor referrals.

In our conclusion, we give advice on building digital relationships with investors and discuss the benefits of attending conferences and meetups. We also help listeners identify top resources for passive investors. Enhance your understanding with this episode featuring Cameron’s expert insights.

Connect with Cameron on LinkedIn for regular updates and resources: Cameron’s LinkedIn Profile. For a deeper insight into his work, visit his website at Here, you’ll find a showcase of Cameron’s innovative projects, providing a glimpse of his unique approach to real estate investment. Engage with Cameron today and be inspired by his dynamic portfolio!

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About Cameron Pimm:

Cameron Pimm, co-founder of Urban Landings and president at Elephant Development Services, carries an impressive range of skills in real estate, spanning acquisitions, dispositions, and the structuring of both debt and equity, along with expertise in asset and property management. Before his current ventures, he co-founded two Real Estate Investment firms focused on multifamily assets and commercial properties. Interestingly, Cameron also lent his expertise to the Tennessee Governor, consulting on state-owned real estate use. He further holds a BA in Business Administration from the esteemed Emory University. With such a diverse background and wealth of knowledge, Cameron Pimm clearly stands as a leading figure in the real estate field.

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