WS1857 Why This Cycle Might Be Your Last Predictable One | Jeremy Roll

In these uncertain economic times, the real estate market can seem like a rollercoaster ride. Is it a crash or an opportunity? We’re here to break down the complexities and reveal strategies that could help you thrive amidst the turmoil. Join us as we dive into the insights of seasoned investor and industry insider, Jeremy Roll.

Jeremy brings not only his expertise but also a unique perspective on the current downturn. He’s banking on the possibility of a further recession to make his move. Discover his strategies and learn how you can leverage this downturn to your advantage.

One often misunderstood topic in real estate investments is capital calls. We’ll help you understand the difference between optional and mandatory requests and emphasize a cautious approach, especially in light of a potential recession on the horizon. Plus, we’ll uncover two investment strategies for weathering a downturn.

The first strategy involves tax-abated multifamily properties, which can provide stability and potential returns even during a recession. The second strategy involves investing in non-real estate assets, such as ATM machines. This unconventional approach proved successful during the 2008 recession and could be worth considering in today’s uncertain climate.

But what about different asset classes? How might they be affected by a potential recession? We’ll explore which ones we believe could withstand the storm, including multi-family properties, mobile home parks, and self-storage. On the other hand, we’ll discuss why options like office, retail, and industrial properties could be more risky.

In addition to discussing real estate strategies, we’ll also touch on the potential impacts of AI on job automation and social programs. As technology advances, it’s crucial to stay informed about how it may shape the future of various industries, including real estate.

So, if you’re bracing yourself for the next recession, join us for a conversation with Jeremy Roll, and let’s navigate these uncertain times together. Don’t miss out on valuable insights, tips, and advice that could help you thrive in the real estate market during economic uncertainty.

Want to connect with Jeremy Roll and learn more about his strategies for thriving in the real estate market amidst economic uncertainty? Email him at [email protected] to start a conversation today! 

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About Jeremy Roll:

Jeremy Roll began investing in real estate and businesses in 2002. By 2007, he transitioned from the corporate world to focus on full-time passive cashflow investment. With over 70 investments in a portfolio exceeding $1 billion, Jeremy, as the Founder and President of Roll Investment Group, oversees a community of 1,000 investors pursuing passive cash flowing opportunities in real estate and business. Additionally, he co-founded For Investors By Investors in 2007, a nonprofit fostering networking and education for real estate investors in a sales pitch-free environment.

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