WS1858 Key Strategies for Successful Real Estate Syndication | Highlights Alex Tam & Alex Kingman

Embark on a captivating journey of transformation with our guest, Alex Tam, as he shares his inspiring shift from the medical field to a thriving real estate investor. In this episode, Alex takes center stage to unveil his unique narrative, chronicling his progression from a limited partner to actively engaging in numerous real estate syndication deals. Join us as he recounts his experiences, emphasizing his prowess in capital raising and cultivating investor relations.

Fasten your seatbelt as we explore the world of virtual assistants (VAs) within the real estate landscape. Drawing insights from “Who Not How” by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy, we shed light on the strategic art of task delegation to boost overall efficiency. Tune in to hear Alex’s journey of overseeing 8 to 11 VAs, uncovering valuable insights into selecting the right virtual assistant and effectively managing their tasks.

Continue the ride as we pivot to the critical role of communication and regular updates in real estate syndication. Alex Kingman imparts invaluable tips on crafting investor updates and maintaining seamless contact with a growing investor base. Discover his challenges in staying connected with a vast investor network and the innovative solutions he employs, including ensuring at least an annual call with each investor. For more insightful episodes, be sure to subscribe to the Real Estate Syndication Show and stay abreast of the latest knowledge in the field!

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About Alex Tam:

Dr. Alex Tam is a chiropractor and Clinical Director. Balancing a demanding 60+ hour medical job with family time led him to explore Real Estate Investing (REI). Now, as the founder of Zephyr Equity Group, he manages 225 units across six properties in four states. Dr. Tam, advocating for efficiency, founded a virtual assistant company. Beyond his successful ventures, he mentors entrepreneurs, guiding doctors and small business owners to expand and make strategic investments. Explore Dr. Alex Tam’s transformative journey in real estate and learn to balance professional success with personal fulfillment.

Alex Kingman, the San Francisco-based co-owner and Head of Marketing & Investor Relations at KGI Capital, has a mission to invest in distressed and heavy value-add properties ranging from single units up to 100 units in the Midwest and Southeast. With a portfolio of 80 units and $10MM assets under management, she is driven by her ‘why’, which is her children, fueling her passion and commitment to the real estate industry.


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