WS1864 Paul Shannon – A Real Estate Investor’s Path to Fund of Funds

Embark on a transformative journey with Paul Shannon, the visionary behind InvestWise Collective. Paul transitioned from full-time employment to thriving in passive real estate investing, sharing insights into his shift from an active investor to the founder of a fund tailored for lucrative passive real estate opportunities. Benefit from Paul’s expertise as he underscores the significance of cash flow in today’s dynamic market, illustrating how passive investing seamlessly integrates into his overall strategy.

Explore the intricacies of rescue capital and preferred equity in real estate investment as Paul and I delve into current market conditions and the advantageous prospects available to savvy investors. Our discussion extends to the pivotal role of networking and collaborative synergy with trusted operators in the field. We shine a spotlight on the fund of funds concept, breaking down its purpose, optimal timing, and the mutual benefits it brings to limited partners and sponsors.

In conclusion, we analyze the architecture of the InvestWise Collective fund. Paul unveils the fund’s risk-mitigation strategies, emphasizing a robust risk-adjusted yield. Stay informed by engaging with Paul through various channels, including joining the mailing list, accessing exclusive deals, and scheduling personalized one-on-one calls— all conveniently available on their user-friendly website, Tune in to this riveting conversation on real estate investing, and show your support by liking, subscribing, and sharing the Real Estate Syndication Show!

Today’s guest host, Jim Pfeifer, is the Founder & CEO of Left Field Investors – a Community of like-minded individuals interested in creating financial freedom through passively investing in real assets that generate real cash flow. The Community works together to provide education, a network and deal flow for its members. For more information, you can visit or connect with Jim directly at [email protected].

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About Paul Shannon:

Transitioning to full-time real estate investing in 2019, Paul has acquired over 200 residential units, focusing on deep value-add properties. Starting with single-family homes and expanding into multifamily through equity recycling and joint venturing, Paul has demonstrated expertise in underwriting, acquisitions, capital raising, property, and project management. As a licensed Realtor, he also serves as an experienced limited partner, investing in over 1,500 multifamily units and various real estate sectors nationwide. This diverse background culminated in the creation of InvestWise Collective—a customizable fund assisting investors in diversifying beyond traditional markets into a range of passive real estate opportunities.

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