WS1863 Leverage Technology to Navigate a Changing Market | Highlights Rob Finlay

In this highlight episode,  Whitney Sewell, interviews Rob Finlay from Thirty Capital. Thirty Capital is a company that specializes in asset optimization, debt optimization, and equity optimization in the real estate industry. They combine their experience in capital markets, asset management, and technology to provide value to their clients.

During the interview, Rob explains that Thirty Capital focuses on asset optimization, debt optimization, and equity optimization. They believe that these three factors are crucial in creating value in a property. They use their expertise in the capital markets, asset management, and technology to provide actionable insights and help clients make informed decisions.

Rob highlights the importance of debt management and debt optimization. He explains that debt is a specialized product with various factors to consider, such as forward rates, forward curves, and different types of products associated with debt. Thirty Capital helps clients find the best debt structure for their assets, whether it’s keeping existing debt, restructuring existing debt, or finding new debt.

When it comes to technology, Rob emphasizes the importance of using consumable technology that provides immediate value. They utilize technology to distill large data sets and complex analytics into actionable items. By using technology, they can make better decisions and remove room for error.

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About Rob Finlay:

Rob Finlay is the founder and CEO of Thirty Capital, a firm offering advisory, investment, and technology services to growth-oriented operators and investors, brings over 20 years of experience as an active CRE owner, investor, and operator. With an expertise in tech-enabled asset management and capital markets services and solutions, he has successfully launched, developed, and sold numerous CRE tech and finance startups to industry-leading firms. In addition to his business accomplishments, he is also a Level 1 free diver, helicopter pilot, jet pilot, and spearfisherman.

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