WS1868 Navigating Financial Blizzards | Highlights Chris Okada

In this highlight episode , host Whitney Sewell interviews Chris Okada to delve into the profound impact of the pandemic on the real estate industry. Chris emphasizes the importance of thinking outside the box and adapting to the new challenges presented by the crisis. The conversation explores how buyers are navigating the current market and finding ways to secure financing for their real estate deals. Additionally, the episode delves into the transformation of the work landscape, with many companies embracing remote work policies.

Chris highlights the significant changes that have occurred and emphasizes their lasting impact on the real estate industry. This episode provides valuable insights into the evolving nature of the market and the need for creative solutions in these unprecedented times.

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About Chris Okada:

Leading the NYC-based CRE firm Okada & Company, Chris Okada serves as the CEO. Founded in 2002, the firm has a specialized focus on tenant representation, and additionally, handles sales and leasing of middle-market buildings. During the financial crisis of 2008-2009, they strategically shifted their focus towards distressed mortgages tied to Midtown Manhattan buildings. Impressively, this pivot resulted in $700M in distressed debt sales. Following the market recovery, the company moved on to acquire core plus and value-add properties across the city. As a result, Okada & Co. has achieved an impressive $1.5B of CRE sales and leasing. Beyond his business accomplishments, Chris’s insights have been featured in top-tier publications. Furthermore, he holds a position as the Commercial Real Estate Chairman at AREAA. Moreover, he passionately advocates for youth at Our Lady of Lourdes School.

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