WS1870 Marketing Strategies for Real Estate | Kimberly Zar Bloorian

Join us for an insightful exploration of commercial real estate marketing with our esteemed guest, Kimberly Zar Bloorian, the visionary Founder and CEO of KLOUD. In this engaging discussion, Kim generously shares her profound insights and experiences, tracing her journey from a finance background to pioneering an innovative marketing agency.

Navigate through the dynamic challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic as Kim unveils her strategies for identifying and addressing critical industry gaps successfully. Discover the transformative power of digital tools and strategies as Kim elaborates on the significant benefits her agency provides, enhancing clients’ digital presence and ensuring robust brand recognition.

Our conversation delves deeper into the pivotal role of marketing in the commercial real estate sector. Uncover the reasons behind some companies’ reluctance to embrace marketing strategies and explore how the evolving landscape, shaped by digital platforms, is influencing the industry. Kim offers valuable advice on maneuvering through market downturns without compromising your marketing efforts, underlining the potency of consistency.

Whether you’re at the helm of a self-storage company managing $500 million in assets or just embarking on your entrepreneurial journey, this enlightening episode caters to all. Tune in to glean actionable insights and stay ahead in the ever-evolving realm of commercial real estate marketing.

Connect with Kimberly Zar Bloorian today! Drop her an email at [email protected] to kickstart a conversation about transforming your digital presence. For more details on how KLOUD can revolutionize your marketing strategy, visit their website at Your journey to marketing excellence begins here!

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About Kimberly Zar Bloorian:

Kimberly Zar Bloorian, CEO of KLOUD, a top marketing agency specializing in innovative solutions for commercial real estate, recognized and addressed a significant industry gap. Based in Long Island, her passion for digital marketing and real estate led to the founding of KLOUD. With a stellar track record at Meridian Capital Group, Kimberly’s expertise spans digital initiatives and experiential brand marketing. As a New York native, she actively engages in organizations like CREW, Israel Bonds, and Young Jewish Professionals. Beyond her professional pursuits, Kimberly enjoys quality time with her family, indulging in cooking, food demos, and exploring new destinations.

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