WS1872 10X is Easier Than 2X | Whitney Sewell

Welcome to the Real Estate Syndication Show! In this episode, we’ll explore the transformative concept of 10x thinking—a game-changer for both your work and personal life. Discover the profound impact of setting 10x goals, specific targets designed to propel you beyond what you once thought possible.

Throughout this episode, I’ll share personal stories illustrating how embracing a 10x mentality has been pivotal in my business successes. These ambitious goals have shaped powerful tactics, forged strong bonds, and fueled incredible growth.

Join me as I highlight the crucial role of thinking 10x in decision-making. It not only alters how you approach challenges but also revolutionizes your mindset. We’ll explore the incredible outcomes that 10x thinking can bring to your projects and delve into the importance of focusing on your unique strengths—the crucial 20%. Additionally, I’ll guide you through staying true to 10x goals and offer practical tips to overcome the limitations of merely doubling your efforts.

Drawing inspiration from Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy’s insights, I’ll shed light on the life-changing potential of 10x thinking. Tune in to pick up super helpful tips and prepare for a transformative journey towards 10x growth. Embrace the lessons of this powerful mindset and witness the massive difference it can make. Don’t miss the chance to unlock a universe of huge opportunities with 10x thinking—subscribe now and embark on a journey of exponential growth!

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About Whitney Sewell:

Whitney Sewell, a seasoned real estate investor, podcast host, and philanthropist, is the CEO and founder of Life Bridge Capital. The multifamily syndication investment firm boasts 900 doors and $150 million in assets under management. Whitney scaled his business remarkably, starting from nothing in 2017 to consistently raising over $10 million in just a few hours.

As the host of the daily podcast, The Real Estate Syndication Show, Whitney has featured over 1,000 experts in the field. In a recent development, he founded the non-profit, The Life Bridge Foundation, committing to donate 50% of profits to support orphans and their adoptive families.

Whitney and his wife Chelsea, parents to three adopted children, enjoy spending their free time in the great outdoors at their country home.

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