WS1873 Interest Rates and Real Estate Today | Marcia Kaufman

Embark on a journey through the intricacies of real estate lending with Marcia Kaufman, the dynamic CEO of Bayport Funding. Delve into the nuanced impact of rising interest rates on investment opportunities and gain exclusive insights into the pivotal elements of cash flow economics, debt yield, and cap rate. With Marcia’s wealth of knowledge guiding you, navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the lending market with confidence.

In today’s fast-paced real estate market, staying ahead necessitates a deep understanding of current trends and future projections. Are you prepared for the recent surge in property appreciation and its potential implications for your refinancing plans? Marcia not only addresses these concerns but also underscores the importance of experience, a proven track record, and conservative lending practices. Uncover the strategic significance of adjusting interest rates and debt service coverage ratios to successfully navigate the fluidity of the market.

Moreover, Marcia unveils the secrets to thriving in multifamily real estate investing, presenting a conservative yet effective lending approach. Gain invaluable insights into crafting a robust business plan, recognizing the value of proven track records, and building an efficient management team. Take an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Bayport Funding’s operations, discovering how Marcia spearheaded an impressive 40% business growth. Engage in an enriching discussion with this seasoned industry professional.

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Connect with Marcia Kaufman today to unlock personalized insights and strategic advice tailored to your goals. Whether you prefer a direct conversation or want to drop a quick email, Marcia is eager to assist you. Call her directly at 516-441-5888 or shoot her an email at [email protected]

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About Marcia Kaufman:

Marcia Kaufman, CEO of Bayport Funding, achieved a remarkable 40% growth in the past year, closing $250 million across 220 transactions. Her expertise spans three decades in mortgage banking and real estate, covering everything from identifying opportunities to strategic exit planning.

A prominent woman of influence and top-performing lender, she’s been featured in HousingWire, Connect CRE, and other publications. In addition to her role as CEO of Bayport Funding, where she spearheaded remarkable growth, Kaufman also owns a real estate investment and brokerage firm and boasts extensive experience in senior positions at major financial institutions.

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