WS1874 How to Grow Your Real Estate Firm | Marcia Kaufman

Discover the secrets of navigating the dynamic real estate lending industry with Marcia Kaufman, the visionary leader driving Bayport Funding’s impressive 40% growth. Gain insights into the impact of surging interest rates on investors, developers, and the temporarily subdued multifamily market.

Unlock Marcia’s wisdom as we delve into the unpredictable real estate landscape, highlighting the vital role of bridge lenders amid uncertainty. Understand how the Federal Reserve influences the economy and real estate prices, and master strategies to confront challenges in this ever-evolving environment and the allure of high-leverage deals.

Uncover the core principles of successful lending, emphasizing experience, a proven track record, and low leverage. Marcia sheds light on the advantages of private lending over larger institutions. In our continued conversation, we explore the Federal Reserve’s impact on the multifamily market, interest rate volatility, and their effect on real estate prices.

Engage in our discourse on the current US housing supply shortage, population migration trends, and the need for a balanced yet assertive approach to investing in multifamily properties. Marcia shares strategies for growth, building investor trust, and the importance of a diverse portfolio.

Seize this opportunity to glean insights from a seasoned industry professional and elevate your understanding of the real estate lending landscape!

Connect with Marcia Kaufman today to unlock personalized insights and strategic advice tailored to your goals. Whether you prefer a direct conversation or want to drop a quick email, Marcia is eager to assist you. Call her directly at 516-441-5888 or shoot her an email at [email protected]

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About Marcia Kaufman:

Marcia Kaufman, CEO of Bayport Funding, achieved a remarkable 40% growth last year, closing $250 million in 220 transactions. Her expertise spans three decades in mortgage banking and real estate, covering everything from identifying opportunities to strategic exit planning.

Renowned as a woman of influence and a top-performing lender, Kaufman has been featured in HousingWire, Connect CRE, and other publications. In addition to leading remarkable growth at Bayport Funding, she owns a real estate investment and brokerage firm. Her extensive experience includes senior positions at major financial institutions, solidifying her leadership in the industry.

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