In this episode, Whitney Sewell explores the transformative shift from a 2x to a 10x mindset. He stresses the ongoing journey of enhancing quality and reducing quantity in all pursuits. Sewell shares personal anecdotes, highlighting the importance of surrounding oneself with those who’ve achieved the desired goals and maintaining high minimum standards. He also delves into the 80/20 principle, offering insights into efficient time management and delegation. Sewell advocates for aspiring to goals ten times greater, endorsing nonlinear approaches, and praising the virtues of teamwork and leadership.

The Power of Focus: “I think it was Bill Gates asked Warren Buffett one word to describe his success or how he got there or something like that. And actually they both wrote down this word, a word on a piece of paper, turned it over, and then they both turned their paper over and they both said focus.”

Personal Growth and Faith: “Your identity is the story you believe about yourself and the standards you hold for yourself.”

Embracing Failure for Growth: “You better understand you’re going to be wrong often and it’s good. Not that you’re wrong often, maybe, but that you’re trying enough that you are wrong, but also that you’re surrounding yourself with a team of people that are doing that 80%, maybe even part of that 20%, a lot better than you, right?”

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About Whitney Sewell:

Whitney Sewell, a seasoned real estate investor, podcast host, and philanthropist, is the CEO and founder of Life Bridge Capital. The multifamily syndication investment firm boasts 900 doors and $150 million in assets under management. Whitney scaled his business remarkably, starting from nothing in 2017 to consistently raising over $10 million in just a few hours.

As the host of the daily podcast, The Real Estate Syndication Show, Whitney has featured over 1,000 experts in the field. In a recent development, he founded the non-profit, The Life Bridge Foundation, committing to donate 50% of profits to support orphans and their adoptive families.

Whitney and his wife Chelsea, parents to three adopted children, enjoy spending their free time in the great outdoors at their country home.

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