WS1954 How This Company is Reducing Construction Costs By 20-30% | Mike Kaeding

Imagine halving your rent or mortgage payment. Join guest host Lance Pederson as he talks to Mike Kaeding, CEO of Norhart, about making this dream a reality. Mike, who transformed a family business into a $200 million empire, unveils his daring plan to revolutionize affordability in the construction industry.

Here are 3 takeaways you won’t want to miss:

  1. Discover Mike’s innovative approach to slashing construction costs by 50%. Learn how his symphony of talent, including in-house plumbing, engineering, and architecture, fosters a culture of problem-solving and continuous improvement.
  2. Uncover the secrets to attracting top talent and thriving in a fluctuating market. Mike shares his strategies for building a winning team and navigating the complexities of construction finance.
  3. Gain valuable insights on building wealth through real estate syndication. Learn from Mike’s experience and equip yourself with the knowledge to succeed in property investment.

Ready to explore innovative solutions for affordable housing? Head to Mike Kaeding’s website  to learn more about Norhart’s approach and discover how you can get involved. Don’t miss this opportunity to turn your dream of affordable housing into reality!

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About Mike Kaeding:

Mike Kaeding is the CEO of Norhart. Norhart designs, builds, and rents apartments. They are transforming the way apartments are built and managed by incorporating technologies and efficiencies that have revolutionized other industries, and lead to high-quality, cost-effective projects.

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