WS1953 Time And Technology Strategies For Scaling Your Business | Highlights Yosef Lee & John Todderud

Join us on the Real Estate Syndication Show for an exciting episode featuring Yosef Lee’s journey. Yosef, a Korean immigrant and ex-attorney, has soared in real estate investment. This episode is perfect for those seeking to leave the 9-to-5 for a lucrative real estate career.

Yosef’s story starts with his U.S. arrival at 18, transitions through his law career, and is transformed by “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” We focus on his shift to real estate, highlighting housing’s importance and multifamily property opportunities. Yosef credits his growth to networks like Bigger Pockets and mentors including Grant Cardone.

We also explore Yosef’s networking strategy. He emphasizes skill showcasing and forming effective partnerships. He stresses the need for clear goals in networking and its transformative impact.

The episode is enriched by John Todderud, a tech expert. John shares how he applies his IT skills to real estate. He focuses on analyzing rent rolls, market data, and demographics for informed decisions.

John also covers the importance of broker relationships and AI in market analysis. His data-driven approach shows how varied skills aid in real estate success.

This episode is essential for those interested in real estate syndication. Whether you’re a novice or enhancing your skills, Yosef and John’s experiences illustrate that the right approach and network can make real estate investing rewarding.

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About Yosef Lee:

Yosef Lee, a seasoned litigation attorney, has seamlessly transitioned into the world of multifamily real estate investing. With over 1300 + Units / and $110 + M AUM, Yosef has established a formidable presence in the industry. Since embarking on his real estate journey in 2020, he has strategically focused on investment opportunities in Ohio (OH), Missouri (MO), Oklahoma (OK), and Kansas (KS). As a first-generation South Korean immigrant, Yosef brings a unique perspective to his ventures, combining his legal expertise with a keen eye for profitable investments. Moreover, his remarkable success is attributed to his meticulous approach and unwavering commitment to excellence.

John Todderud the owner of Cardinal Oak Investments, is an experienced multi-family investor and syndicator. He first ventured into real estate while pursuing a career in software and technology. Starting with smaller properties, he later partnered with like-minded real estate investors to acquire larger properties. His focus lies in emerging markets with strong rental demand, growing communities, and opportunities for rent growth through smart renovations. While primarily targeting stable properties, he also considers those that may be slightly worn down. His investments are spread across states such as Washington, Oklahoma, Kansas, and South Carolina.

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