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Eddie Wilson, CEO, Affinity Worldwide Corporation and Think Realty reveals some critical attributes which will help you find success as a passive investor in multi-family syndication.

This show starts off with Eddie revealing how he ventured into real estate investing. Why did Eddie transition from fixing and flipping to syndication in spite of owning 100 single-family homes? You will learn how management ease, ability to leverage your investment and tax savings makes syndication an extremely attractive proposition.

What are some crucial prerequisites for venturing into syndication? How do you analyze a deal? And how do you vet a real estate sponsor so that you end up partnering with the right person? Towards the end of the show, Eddie also reveals how rigid systems and processes are helping him operate his business in a far more efficient manner. Tune in now!

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:29 – Whitney introduces Eddie to listeners
  • 01:05 – Why did Eddie transition to real estate investing?
  • 01:33 – Eddie started fixing and flipping properties in Chicago
  • 02:57 – Eddie had the misconception that syndication was beyond his reach
  • 04:12 – Why did Eddie finally end up syndicating his first multi-family property?
  • 07:05 – Reasons why Eddie chose to transition from fixing and flipping to syndication
  • 10:31 – Was it challenging for Eddie to assume a passive role as a syndicator?
  • 12:30 – Syndication is a great vehicle for 1031 exchanges and using your retirement funds
  • 14:30 – Eddie reveals why his first syndication deal was “picture perfect”
  • 19:44 – Eddie’s advice for inexperienced investors who wish to venture into real estate syndication
  • 21:03 – As a passive investor, what has been the most challenging aspect of the syndication business?
  • 22:40 – Adequate financial strength and an ability to stay invested for the long-term are prerequisites for success in passive investing
  • 24:50 – Eddie reveals his modus operandi for analyzing a deal
  • 25:32 – How does Eddie scout out a lucrative real estate deal?
  • 26:30 – Why was Eddie willing to settle for a lower yield on his recent investment?
  • 27:30 – Tips and Tricks for vetting a real estate sponsor
  • 28:18 – Rigid Systems & Processes and Communication are key factors that have helped Eddie run his business more efficiently
  • 29:50 – What is the ONE thing that has contributed to Eddie’s success?
  • 31:32 – How is Eddie giving back to society?
  • 33:17 – Eddie shares his contact information
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  • [spp-timestamp time=”34:17″] – A Special Thanks to our sponsor, LifeBridge Capital

In this episode, you will learn

  1. Fix & Flip vs. Multi-family syndication – Comparing the Pros & Cons
  2. Critical attributes for finding success as a passive investor in real estate syndication
  3. How to scout and analyze a suitable real estate deal


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