WS1695 6,000+ Land Investment Deals | Mark Podolsky

Ever wondered how to turn a small investment into massive returns? Our guest Mark Podolsky did just that, transitioning from a miserable life as an investment banker to a successful entrepreneur in the world of land flipping. In this eye-opening episode, Mark shares his journey to achieving success in this niche industry, completing over 6,000 land deals, and teaching others how to do the same.

Discover the ins and outs of raw land investing as Mark explains his unique model for creating cash flow from land investments. Learn how to assess property value, send offers, and advertise to potential buyers with the help of Mark’s LG Pass software, which automates the land investing process. If you’re curious about land flipping, this episode is packed with valuable insights you won’t want to miss.

But it doesn’t stop there – we also dive into the essentials of building and scaling a land flipping business. From hiring virtual assistants and key team members to implementing automation software, Mark shares his secrets for achieving exponential growth in this exciting industry. Plus, we discuss the potential of AI and chatbot technology to revolutionize land flipping. Tune in for this fascinating conversation that could inspire you to think outside the box and scale your own business to new heights!

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About Mark Podolsky

Managing member at coaching and education platform The Land Geek, managing director at Frontier Properties, and Founder at

Host of The Art of Passive Income, author of Dirt Rich, coach, mentor.

Completed 5500+ land deals

Passion for helping others develop their ‘inner geeky entrepreneur’

Founded Frontier Properties in 2001

Previously investment banker in Phoenix under a lot of pressure

Bought a property at a tax sale auction one day and then put everything he had into land in New Mexico


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