WS1702 Self Storage: A Resilient and Tenant- Free Asset Class | Frank Scappaticci

Can you imagine transitioning from the military to financial services and then finding success in the world of self-storage real estate? Our guest Frank Scappaticci, partner and co-founder of Gray Line Investments, has done just that, and shares his incredible journey with us. We discuss how Frank and his business partner navigated the world of self-storage, and how this unique asset class is insulated from rent control laws. Plus, Frank offers valuable insights into the current state of the self-storage market and tips for raising money.

Frank’s experience in both the military and financial services has shaped his approach to attracting investors and refining their capital raising strategies. We explore the importance of understanding levered yield on cost to navigate fluctuating interest rates, and discuss strategies for casting a wider net for capital. Frank’s insights are not only valuable for those investing in self-storage, but for anyone looking to raise funds for their ventures.

Transitioning from a military background to financial services is no easy feat, but Frank Scappaticci has managed to excel in both fields and shares his best habits and personal rules of success with us. We also discuss the current real estate market and how to prepare for a downturn, as well as the crucial role metrics play in achieving personal goals. Lastly, learn how Frank’s commitment to exercising four days a week and his network from West Point have contributed to his success. Don’t miss this captivating and inspiring conversation with Frank Scappaticci!

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About Frank Scappaticci

  • Partner and co-founder at Gray Line Investments. 
  • West Point graduate and former Army Football team captain.
    • Upon graduating from West Point, completed US Army Ranger and Airborne school and deployed to Afghanistan and Kuwait. 
    • As a Captain, served as the Brigade Fire Support Officer for 2-4 IN division
  • Transitioned to financial services in 2014 – Ernst & Young and JP Morgan
  • In 2018, discovered an interest in RE and started buying single family rentals. 
  • In 2020 he founded Gray Line Investments with his partner, John Plumstead, and bought/sold/brokered over 150 homes.
  • In 2021, they decided to go full-time with the business, and make self-storage Gray Line’s primary asset class
  • Passionate about family, leading others, and real estate.
  • Has 2 daughters and a beautiful wife. Enjoys golf and is a native of Bethpage, NY.


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