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WS1727 How You Can Be Passionate and Find Meaning in Your Work | John Coleman

Today, we have the pleasure of hosting John Coleman, a celebrated investment maestro, advocate of faith-driven investing, and acclaimed author. We were thoroughly captivated by his anecdotes from Atlanta, his seamless transition from a prominent firm to Sovereigns, and his fervor for creating meaningful work. His insights, sourced from his popular books ‘Passion and Purpose’ and ‘How to Argue Like Jesus’, offer a unique glimpse into the realm of faith-integrated investing.

Our dialogue with John navigates us through an intriguing expedition from his early days in investment management to his current endeavor as an author and public speaker. The pivotal moment in his life, the guidebook he penned for the Harvard Business Review, steered him towards a more gratifying career where his faith is intricately woven with his professional pursuits. His perspective on how open dialogues about values can unlock a universe of opportunities and provide a distinct direction is truly stimulating. What sets him apart is his method of making career choices, using his faith as a guiding compass and his spouse and a whiteboard as his advisory panel.

As we approach the conclusion, we delve into a critical subject – ESG and values-based investing. John eloquently elucidates the ‘Avoid Embrace, Engage’ framework employed in both Christian and mainstream arenas. His conviction that spiritual well-being resources can boost a company’s performance introduces a refreshing viewpoint. His counsel on infusing purpose into our work and lives transcends the professional sphere, offering a blueprint to a more purposeful existence. In our session with John, we discover how to translate faith missions into investments and how to transform mundane work into a more purpose-driven undertaking. So plug in your headphones and immerse yourself in this enlightening discourse!

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About John Coleman:

John has a passion for leadership, investing, and seeing others reach their potential. He’s served in leadership positions at firms like McKinsey & Company, Invesco, and Sovereign’s Capital and on a number of government and non-profit boards. He has also had the opportunity to interact with thousands of founders, investors, and business leaders in hundreds of organizations. His writing focuses on helping people to explore their leadership and the many ways in which they can craft greater meaning into their own lives and the lives of others.


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