WS1755 Keys For Success in Commercial Real Estate | Dan Lewkowicz

Ever wondered how to turn market volatility into a golden opportunity? Get ready to unravel this secret with our guest, Dan Lewkowicz, a seasoned pro in the commercial real estate industry. In this episode, Dan shares his insights on leveraging fear-driven market trends, the power of self-directed investing, and much more. Tune in to unlock the secrets of successful real estate investing!

Dan  shares his unique insights on why commercial real estate is an underutilized wealth creation and preservation tool, primarily due to a lack of awareness about self-directed investing.

Gain valuable knowledge as we delve into the traits of successful real estate investors, highlighting the significance of conservative underwriting and the risks of over-leveraging properties. Discover the advantages of maintaining a focused approach to your chosen asset class and learn about the transformative potential of sale leasebacks for property owners seeking to unlock capital.

Underwriting and performance metrics take center stage in our discussion, underscoring their crucial role in real estate investing. This episode will strengthen your understanding of underwriting, particularly in the context of net leases. Dan also discusses the importance of monitoring key performance indicators, such as the number of closings and net commissions, to stay competitive.

We conclude our enlightening discussion by emphasizing the importance of work-life balance. Learn how quality sleep, a balanced diet, regular exercise, and time spent with loved ones contribute to peak performance. Get set to be informed, inspired, and empowered!

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About Dan Lewkowicz:

Dan Lewkowicz, the Senior Director at Encore Real Estate Investment Services, boasts a 15-year career in real estate. His expertise lies in various asset classes, including shopping centers, medical office buildings, pharmacies, quick service restaurants, automotive repair and parts stores, and even resorts. He started his journey in the industry by “house hacking” and flipping houses around Detroit, leading to the establishment of Renaissance Real Estate Ventures (RREV). RREV is known for its specialization in the acquisition, financing, renovation, and resale of single-family residential properties in Detroit. Before his current role, Dan was a Senior Advisor at Fortis Net Lease, focusing on commercial real estate investment sales, and a business development executive for Amazon. Outside work, he’s a family man with five children, residing in Birmingham, Michigan with his wife, Brady. He maintains an active lifestyle, enjoying running, boxing, lifting weights, yoga, and playing guitar.


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