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WS1784 Cryptocurrency in Real Estate Investing | Highlights Kristine Cranley

Get your notepads ready and your pencils primed as we delve into an insightful highlight episode through Cryptocurrency 101. Joined by esteemed financial expert, Kristine Cranley, we’ll traverse the intricate labyrinth of cryptocurrencies and their potential ripple effects on the real estate sector. We’ll dissect the core differences between Bitcoin and its crypto counterparts, examine their regulatory landscape, and underscore the significance of comprehending the underlying technology before making any investment decisions. Our focus will be on sagacious investment strategies like dollar cost averaging to navigate the capricious crypto market.

In the second segment of our stimulating discourse, we unravel the fascinating interplay between cryptocurrencies and real estate. Join us in contemplating the prospect of buying property with Bitcoin, the hurdles such transactions may face, and the tax implications therein. Moreover, we’ll explore the potential of harnessing cryptocurrencies for securing loans for real estate acquisitions, while also addressing the inherent risks involved.

As we chart a course towards the future, we dive into the thrilling potential of property tokenization and its repercussions for the real estate sector. We highlight prospective benefits such as enhanced liquidity and simplified diversification. However, we won’t sugarcoat the risks associated with this venture. Kristine  imparts invaluable wisdom on the realm of Bitcoin mining and its viability as an investment strategy for accredited investors. Strap in for a riveting exploration of how the domains of cryptocurrencies and real estate can intersect in astonishing and inventive ways.

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About Kristine Cranley:

Kristine Cranley, founder of Noah’s Bitcoin, educates about Bitcoin and blockchain technology. She’s also an adviser and director at Fort Worth-based PM Squared Financial. Starting her career in New York City, she volunteered for women in crisis pregnancies. This sparked her passion for financial education.

Moving to Washington DC, she worked in commercial property management until the pandemic allowed her to return to Texas. There, she focused on Bitcoin education. She also partnered with PM Squared Financial, providing cryptocurrency exposure and private equity opportunities to invest in bitcoin mining.

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