WS1790 Why Every Investor Needs to Own 10 Fourplexes | Steve Olson

Unearth the blueprint to accumulating substantial wealth in the real estate sector! In this episode, our esteemed guest, Steve Olson, fervently champions the concept that every investor should possess a minimum of ten fourplexes. He elucidates how this strategy can lead to massive savings, regardless of whether you’re an active or passive investor. Steve reveals the merits of utilizing traditional Fannie Mae debt for acquiring fourplexes – a strategy he touts as the optimum debt solution for investors. Learn why possessing 40 doors under your personal name is pivotal and how implementing a cost segregation study along with bonus depreciation can significantly slash your tax liabilities.

We further plunge into the realm of real estate investing, with a spotlight on fourplex apartment units. Steve navigates us through the process of harnessing market appreciation for trading and replication, thereby escalating returns. In addition, gain insights into monitoring market metrics, the significance of networking, and the crucial role of patience and perspective in this field. To conclude, we dissect the financial perks of investing in fourplex units compared to single-family residences. Brace yourself for enlightenment – this episode is meticulously crafted to empower you to amass considerable wealth in the real estate arena!

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About Steve Olson:

With his extensive experience, he has significantly contributed to the Fourplex Investment Group’s development, construction, and sale of over 4,000 doors across the Mountain West and Texas. He played a pivotal role in expanding the company into new markets and is currently spearheading a for-rent townhouse project in Indiana, taking advantage of a local property tax credit program. As a General Partner, he manages ground-up rental projects in three different states catering to international investors seeking to invest capital into the USA. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University and a Masters in Real Estate from Georgetown University. Residing in Alpine, UT with his wife and four children, he harbors a keen passion for travel.

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