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WS1851 Use Data And Technology To Scale Your Business | John Todderud

Join us for an insightful discussion with our guest, John Todderud, owner of Cardinal Oak Investments. He shares his journey from software and technology to real estate syndication, discussing how he cleverly applied his IT skills to create processes and tools in the real estate sector. Listen in as John Todderud shares valuable tips on managing your time effectively while holding onto your W2 job as you transition into real estate, a business with no ceiling to opportunities.

John Todderud continues the conversation with his unique experience in using his tech skills in various roles. He emphasizes the importance of communication in customer service and how the value of sales and marketing in building a business cannot be overstated. John highlights how his proficiency in Excel has been a game-changer in his real estate investments. Moreover, he underlines the significance of a team member who can present data in a clear and understandable way.

Lastly, we explore the nuts and bolts of underwriting a multifamily investment with John Todderud. He guides us through the process of researching rent comps, understanding the local market, and collaborating with property managers. He further sheds light on modeling rental income, vacancy rates, and potential rent increases for a realistic view of potential returns. As John shares his advice for passive investors and the most crucial metrics he tracks, you will gain invaluable insights into balancing personal and professional life and giving back to the community. Tune in for a wealth of knowledge from a tech expert turned real estate guru.

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About John Todderud:

John Todderud the owner of Cardinal Oak Investments, is an experienced multi-family investor and syndicator. He first ventured into real estate while pursuing a career in software and technology. Starting with smaller properties, he later partnered with like-minded real estate investors to acquire larger properties. His focus lies in emerging markets with strong rental demand, growing communities, and opportunities for rent growth through smart renovations. While primarily targeting stable properties, he also considers those that may be slightly worn down. His investments are spread across states such as Washington, Oklahoma, Kansas, and South Carolina.


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