WS1897 Building Relationships With High-Net-Worth Families | Highlights Salvatore Buscemi

Welcome back to another highlight episode ,today we had the pleasure of reconnecting with Sal Buscemi, a seasoned investor and managing director at Dandrew Partners LLC. Sal shared a wealth of knowledge about the current state of investing, particularly in the real estate and life sciences sectors.

Sal has recently moved to Miami, a strategic decision to be closer to the cosmopolitan network and the families he’s known since his time at Goldman Sachs. He discussed the impact of the Bitcoin craze on Miami’s transformation into a tech hub and shared insights into his multifamily office, HRN, which stands for Harlem River Navy.

HRN was formulated during the pandemic and has shifted its focus from real estate to life sciences and technology investments. Sal emphasized the importance of investing in ventures with high barriers to entry and founders with multiple exits under their belts. He also highlighted the significance of having other smart money investors alongside in deals.

Discussing the current challenges in raising capital, Sal pointed out that rising interest rates have disrupted previously stable markets like commercial real estate. He also mentioned the geopolitical risks and the upcoming contentious elections as factors contributing to investor hesitancy.

When it comes to engaging with ultra-high-net-worth families, Sal stressed the importance of building long-term relationships and being of service to potential investors. He shared anecdotes of how impactful investments in life sciences have provided both financial returns and a sense of contributing to society.

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About Salvatore Buscemi:

Salvatore Buscemi is a successful investment professional with experience at Goldman Sachs and as CEO of HRN, LLC. He has founded and operated distressed real estate credit platforms and made successful investments in companies like Airbnb and Lyft. Sal has also written books and articles on fund management and real estate private lending and is a graduate of Fordham University.

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