WS1898 Use These Cold – Calling Techniques to Scale Your Business | Stash Gelezinski

In this episode, we spoke with Stash Gelezinski, a partner at Nedl and a managing director at Capstone Apartment Partners, bringing over 15 years of commercial real estate experience. Stash shared insights on how AI and machine learning can revolutionize the industry.

Nedl, Stash’s firm, excels in data analytics for commercial real estate, helping clients optimize portfolios and maximize returns. He discussed how his brokerage experience shaped Needle’s platform to assist brokers and operators in identifying targeted property opportunities.

A notable point was Stash’s self-proclaimed superpower: cold calling. He emphasized its essential role in the real estate business, stressing the need to get to the point quickly to respect the recipient’s time.

Stash provided valuable tips on becoming proficient at cold calling, including using scripts and flowcharts, emphasizing repetition, learning from each call, and stressing the necessity of honesty without making things up on the fly.

We explored practical aspects of managing contacts and leads, with Stash recommending the use of a CRM for better efficiency over Excel sheets. HubSpot was suggested for user-friendly options, while Salesforce was mentioned for more complex needs. Additionally, Stash introduced RingDNA, a browser-integrated dialer tool streamlining the calling process.

In summary, this episode offered a wealth of knowledge for those seeking to enhance cold calling skills and leverage technology in the competitive field of commercial real estate.

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About Stash Gelezinski:

Stash Gelezinski, a partner at Nedl,, a data analytics firm focused on AI and machine learning in commercial real estate, brings over 15 years of experience. With a deep understanding of market dynamics, trends, and opportunities in the Midwest and beyond, he also serves as the managing director of Capstone Apartment Partners, a leading multi-family advisory firm in the region. Guiding his team through diverse real estate processes, including analysis, underwriting, asset management, syndication, and disposition of billions of dollars in apartments, Stash holds the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation.

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