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RES 265 | Notes And Distressed Mortgages
Listen to the podcast here: During the big crisis of 2008, real estate investor Scott Carson was one of the few who was smart enough to see the writings on the wall. He left the mortgage business and jumped in on the other side of buying distress debt or, as he calls it, the naughty...
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RES 264 | Creating Real Wealth
Listen to the podcast here: It’s always a struggle to try to build something from nothing only to lose it and try to build it again. Real estate investor and licensed real estate agent Kathy Fettke has been through that kind of situation before. With a lot of hard work, dedication, and experience, she and...
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RES 263 | Striking Real Estate Deals
Listen to the podcast here: Ryan McKenna is a full-time real estate investor who founded McKenna Capital, a private equity firm that provides opportunities to become passive partners in a variety of fields in real estate. A former baseball player for Arizona State, he was first introduced to real estate syndication by his teammate whose...
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RES 262 | Raising Money
Listen to the podcast here: When trying to raise money in real estate, it is always necessary to consider the legalities behind the transaction, otherwise, your effort would all go down the drain. Mauricio Rauld, the Founder and CEO of Premier Law Group, teaches the do’s and don’ts of helping others raise money in real...
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RES 261 | Improving Economic Outlook
Listen to the podcast here: If you want to be a serious investor, improving your economic outlook the right way can be easy with the right resources. Whitney Sewell interviews Ivan Barratt, the owner of Barratt Asset Management, about economic and infrastructure improvement. Ivan shares his opinions on how his outlook has changed as far as...
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RES 256 | Mobile Home Park Investing
Listen to the podcast here: Mobile homes have long been ideal preferences for many. One of the best go-to persons to learn more about it is Jefferson Lilly. Jefferson is the host of the podcast Mobile Home Park Investing where he shows why investing in such homes is not only profitable but also unique and...
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RES 252 | Real Estate Capital Raising
Listen to the podcast here: Everything comes at a cost. That includes hiring capital raisers to help you raise funds. Jillian Sidoti, Esq., one of the country’s leading experts on Regulation A+, has assisted multiple companies and entrepreneurs realize their fundraising goals through Crowdfunding, 506©, and Regulation A. In today’s episode, she goes in-depth on...
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RES 250 | Common Podcasting Problems
Listen to the podcast here: Podcasting is not always an easy endeavor and it’s not uncommon to encounter problems during the process, especially if you’re just starting out or new to it. Toby Lyles, the owner of TwentyFour Sound, answers some common podcasting problems and questions. With his company, Toby makes content creators sound amazing. He...
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RES 249 | Managing Real Estate Paperwork
Listen to the podcast here: Managing real estate paperwork and documentation are probably the most tedious parts of any real estate deal. Krista Testani, the Principal and Managing Partner at Sharpline Equity, shares how she evolved from law, to syndication, and then to multi-family. She walks us through what she does as a partner in...
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RES 248 | Self-Discipline
Listen to the podcast here: If there’s one skill you have to master in real estate besides building connections and the like, it should be self-discipline. It is an indispensable skill to becoming successful and winning deals. Jerome Myers, the Managing Director of The Myers Development Group LLC, recounts his transition from working at a...
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