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real estate investment
Summary: Dan Barrett, founder, AdWords Nerds reveals how real estate syndicators can leverage the power of online marketing to increase deal flow, find investors and hence, generate greater traction for their business. This show starts off with Dan explaining the purpose of online marketing in simple terms. You will hear Dan dispel some common myths...
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  Summary: Steeve Breton, Founder, Velocity Capital shares some great Tips and Tricks which will help inexperienced investors start and build their own successful syndication businesses. How did Steeve learn the ropes of the syndication business? Apart from some great resources, Steeve also shares how finding the right mentor is critical for finding success. You...
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Summary: In this episode, Whitney interviews Chris Prefontaine, founder, Smart Real Estate Coach. Chris does 5-10 deals every month controlling $20-$30 million of real estate. In this show you will learn how you can use technology for effective delegation which will then allow you to scale up your real estate business to the next level....
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