WS1649 – Getting Started in Real Estate with Guest Marc Weisi

Getting started in real estate with guest Marc Weisi

In this episode, we have a special guest, Marc Weisi, a municipal bond portfolio manager and trader who shares his story about getting started in real estate investment while working a full-time job. Marc emphasizes the importance of being intentional and seeking out coaching from others a few steps. He also discusses the value of networking and contributing marketing efforts to help underwrite deals.

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About Marc Weisi

Municipal bond portfolio manager and trader on a team responsible for the management of >10k SMA relationships and $26Bn+ in AUM. Identify relative value opportunities based on supply/demand dynamics, liquidity, credit analysis, and macro-economic factors. Perform execution through various liquidity centers and platforms including Bloomberg, MarketAxess, and TradeWeb. Build reporting and analytics tools using InvestorTools Perform system, MS Excel/VBA, and Bloomberg.

About Vlad Arakcheyev

Vlad Arakcheyev is an active investor, co-sponsor and JV partner in 500+ multifamily units and land development amounting to a multimillion dollar portfolio. Vlad is in charge of Zontik Ventures operations and asset management. He is a member of the national real estate investor network.

Vlad has an extensive experience in sales and marketing for residential and commercial real estate. Vlad has been leading direct marketing efforts as well as acquisition and disposition efforts relating to investing in distressed, off market properties. Vlad is skilled in acquisition negotiations and multiple creative financing strategies. As a real estate agent licensed in NJ, Vlad has developed an extensive network of investors, real estate agents, contractors and other relevant parties. 

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