WS1699 LinkedIn Strategies to Build Your Real Estate Portfolio| Elijah Brown

What if you could raise millions of dollars for your real estate ventures with the power of LinkedIn? In this insightful conversation, our guest, Elijah Brown, generously reveals his strategies for raising capital in the current market environment. From leveraging thought leadership and email marketing software to attract a larger pool of investors, to his successful LinkedIn strategy, which has helped funnel potential investor leads and build his presence as a thought leader.

Elijah’s experience in networking ranges from close connections to coworkers and retail investors to institutions. He shares his techniques for leveraging investments, from using a club of friends and family to his current methods of utilizing software to schedule posts a month in advance. While nurturing relationships with potential investors, Elijah also explains how he efficiently manages his work time while traveling using tools like Calendly for meeting scheduling and blocking off certain time slots for meetings.

As we discuss scaling his team and partnering with other fund managers, Elijah sheds light on how he leverages Upwork to hire skilled freelancers for tasks such as creating content and drafting legal documents. We also touch on the potential of AI and the importance of preparing for a downturn by ensuring sponsors aren’t overpaying for assets and maintaining a high debt service coverage ratio. Don’t miss this valuable episode where Elijah Brown shares his secrets to raising capital and building wealth through real estate.

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About Elijah Brown

  • Bachelor’s in business from the University of Southern California in 2018
  • Started off as associate and then manager at Healthpeak Properties, an S&P500 REIT.
    • Underwrote a wide range of senior housing and medical office real estate. 
    • Played a key role in $4 billion of portfolio deals.
  • Alongside that, in 2017, he co-founded GoldHawk Capital, an REI firm focused on value-add MF properties and short-term rentals across the US.
  • ~1,000 apartment units and 100 short term rentals valued over $150 million, (through a combination of JVs, syndications, fund-of-funds, and LP investments)
  • Now focused on buying hundreds of high cash flowing Airbnbs across the United States and paying professionals to manage the day-to-day
  • Serves as a Civil Affairs Officer in the United States Army Reserve –  was previously a Military Intelligence Officer. 


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