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Empowering Property Owners: Navigating Lease Agreements with Confidence | Meir Waldman

The conversation you provided seems to be a transcript of a podcast episode featuring Meir Waldman, the CEO of Nexus Towers. Meir Waldman specializes in helping property owners understand and maximize the value of leasing their properties for cell phone towers and wireless infrastructure. He educates property owners about the importance of carefully considering lease agreements, negotiating favorable terms, and understanding the long-term implications of such agreements.

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About Meir Waldman

As founder and CEO of Nexus Towers, Meir is the driving force behind its growth and continued success. Day-to-day, he guides, motivates, and leads a team of 8 skilled professionals, working to continuously improve internal processes and deliver more for clients. He is motivated by a desire to help lease owners re-establish their power in lease negotiations and sales.

Meir draws on over a decade of real estate investment and lease experience. Prior to establishing Nexus Towers, Meir served as CEO of Premier Properties, where he organized commercial deals worth approx. $25 million and underwrote and managed assets worth $50 million.

Driven and energetic, Meir’s leadership philosophy is to provide every individual a platform to achieve success through their unique ability. He believes that maintaining a positive culture and a shared vision is the “secret sauce” to building a team that is motivated to truly level the playing field for clients.

Meir serves as chairman to Congregation Neustadt, as well as an advisory board member to MBS Career Services.

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