WS1676 – Commercial Real Estate and the Medical Office Niche | Ben Reinberg

Join host Whitney Sewell as he sits down with Ben Reinberg, an experienced commercial real estate investor and founder of Alliance Consolidated Group of Companies. In this episode, Ben shares his insights into the commercial real estate market, focusing on his niche in medical office properties. He discusses the challenges and opportunities in the current economic climate, the importance of investing in people who can solve problems, and the key factors to consider when evaluating potential investments. Ben also highlights the significance of resilience, integrity, and personal growth in achieving long-term success in the industry.

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Key Points:
1. The importance of investing in people who can solve challenges in commercial real estate.
2. Navigating the changing dynamics of the office, industrial, and retail sectors.
3. The benefits and complexities of investing in medical office properties.
4. How to prepare for market downturns and ensure the ability to hold properties.
5. Tracking personal and professional metrics for success.
6. The power of resilience, integrity, and continuous personal growth in the industry.

Key Quotes:
– “Tough times don’t last, tough people do. That’s who we want to see in our sponsors and who we are as a company.”
– “In commercial real estate, sometimes you have to pivot. It’s important to adapt to changing market dynamics.”
– “Medical office properties provide recession and pandemic resilience with higher tenant renewal rates.”
– “Investing in commercial real estate is a marathon, not a sprint. You need to have the ability to hold properties through different cycles.”
– “Invest in people who can solve problems and have a track record of navigating challenges.”

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About Ben Reinberg

As the Chief Executive Officer of Alliance Consolidated Group of Companies, LLC, Ben Reinberg has dedicated himself to helping other entrepreneurs build their own commercial real estate portfolios and make money.

With his extensive knowledge of 1031 Exchanges and investment capital, Ben brings immense value to the deal process, helping to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers. He is also an avid marketer, using the internet to solidify existing business relationships and reach out to potential investors and sellers.

Prior to founding Alliance, Ben established Hillcrest Trading, Ltd., a national acquisition, and management firm, and has since amassed a $500MM+ commercial real estate portfolio with billions in transactions.


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