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WS1854 Innovative Real Estate Investment Strategies | Highlights Ori Ohayon & Daniel Lichtman

Are you ready to venture into the awe-inspiring world of blockchain technology and its potential for real estate syndication? The founder of On Chain Listings, Ori  Ohayon , joins us to shed light on this futuristic landscape. Together, we explore the synergies between Web 3, Bitcoin, and blockchain, and their transformative potential for the real estate industry.

Revolutionizing property title transfers, securing venture capital for blockchain projects, and streamlining processes are just a few areas where blockchain can make a significant impact. Ori shares valuable insights on launching patents and pilot projects, highlighting how blockchain could enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and expedite transactions in the real estate world.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. We also discuss the regulatory challenges and potential risks associated with adopting blockchain technology in the real estate sector. It’s crucial to navigate these waters carefully to ensure a secure and transparent ecosystem.

But it’s not all about technology. We take a moment to reflect on the importance of work-life balance and stepping away from the digital world. Lightwater Capital’s broker serves as an example of maintaining a healthy equilibrium between work and family life.

Property management and deal acquisitions are vital aspects of real estate syndication. We dive into these topics and explore how blockchain technology can streamline these processes, making them more efficient and transparent. Market conditions and case studies provide a comprehensive look into the wealth-building potential of real estate syndication.

Join us on this enlightening journey into the future of real estate with blockchain technology. If you’re eager to dive deeper into these discussions and gain even more valuable insights, click the links to tune in to the full episodes.

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About Ori Ohayon

Ori Ohayon, a visionary leader in the world of blockchain technology, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With a background in NFTs, financial institutions, and Web3 development, Ori is at the forefront of innovation in this rapidly evolving field. His track record of success and forward-thinking mindset make him an invaluable asset for any organization looking to navigate the exciting possibilities of Web3.

About Daniel Lichtman:

Daniel, currently the Director of Acquisitions at Lightwater Capital, previously held the same role at SZ Holdings LLC. Since its inception, Lightwater Capital has successfully closed deals nearing a total of $200 million.


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