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WS589: Getting A Free Roof Before Closing with Brandon Abbott

We know the importance of thorough due diligence and looking for CapEx items when underwriting. While there are some obvious pieces, like plumbing, and electric that most operators already know, others are less evident, but equally important. Today’s guest, Brandon Abbott, combines insurance and construction knowledge to provide excellent insights on CapEx expenses. Watch the […]

WS582: Capital Stack Explained with Dan Handford

When starting your journey as an investor, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by new terms and concepts. But it’s important to work past these barriers of understanding to make informed investment decisions. The capital stack is one of those difficult-to-understand concepts, and our guest today, Dan Handford, is here to shed some light on what […]

WS581: You Are Your Best Lottery Ticket with Eric Skeldon

No matter how many people doubt you or shoot your ideas down, if you bet on yourself and find others with aligning vision, you will succeed. No one knows this better than today’s guest, Eric Skeldon. Despite difficulty at school, Eric achieved great success in the corporate world with the help of a solid belief […]

WS580: The Uber of Property Management with Paul Worcester

On the show today, we welcome Paul Worcester of Worcester Investment and the founder of Simplifyy, a new platform for property management that makes the process that much easier and cheaper for multi-family investors! This system was developed in response to Paul’s own frustrations with antiquated systems in the real estate business and what he […]